Neuromodulation & Psychotherapy

I combine neuromodulation approaches with talking therapy to help you manage overwhelming feelings and difficult situations while resolving long-term habits of thinking and feeling that hold you back.

My aim is to provide you with the tools to help you manage your own wellbeing. An initial in-depth assessment includes a qEEG (or brain map) that tells you about the balance and tone of your central nervous system. With verbal feedback and a report, you will be given suggestions as to how to support your own brain and psychological health.

Philippa Dickenson - Brain Health & Psychotherapy

If further support or therapy is indicated, I offer:

  • A brain-health programme to follow at home to bring a better balance to the central nervous system. Periodic reviews are built into the programme
  • Neurotherapy: sessions of neurofeedback, audio-visual stimulation (AVE), sound harmonics, vagal nerve stimulation or cranio-electrical stimulation (CES)
  • Porges’ sound therapy programme (SSP)
  • Individual trauma-informed psychotherapy
Philippa Dickenson - Brain Health & Psychotherapy